5 items to make your home extra cozy (and all renter friendly too!)

1. Texture. Texture. Texture!

This really is key.  Flat surfaces and materials will leave you feeling exactly that……Flat!  Really think about the textures of absolutely everything you introduce into your home – tableware, cushions, vases, mirrors, you can bring texture into every decision you make.  It builds depth which adds cosiness as well as the feeling of a well put together space.

2. Plants

Flowers and plants really bring a space to life and even go as far as improving the air quality – which is only going to make us feel even better.  A few faux’s dotted around is ok and can reduce the maintenance, but real living plants are where it’s at.  Faux will never bring the same feeling – sorry!

3. Seating

It sounds obvious, but to be cosy in your home, you need to be comfy!  As tempting as it is to go for the super slick looking sofa, if it looks good but feels awful, it’s just not going to make your space feel like home.  There are so many examples of where comfort and aesthetic meet, take your time and make the right decision – as it’s a big (and costly!) one.  Dining chairs are also one to consider, especially if you entertain alot and spend time at the dining table, there is nothing worse than the backache that can be caused by sitting uncomfortably at a table for hours.

4. Rugs

Hardwood, LVT, laminate flooring are all super practical flooring solutions in a busy household but the way to warm up a room and make it feel cosy is 100% a rug.  You will not believe the difference it makes.  It’s like the shoes that just finish off the outfit, the cherry on the cake. And don’t forget…..TEXTURE!

5. Lighting

You will not believe the difference that good, well placed lighting can make.  Lamps are far cosier than ceiling lights and spot lights. You can highlight areas and move attention away from areas you don’t want so much focus on (the toy corner for example!).  Wall lights that are dimmable are nice features, but if you don’t have them already they are costly to introduce.  Table lamps are your best friend, choose textured bases and shades and warm lightbulbs.  The best thing is that they are so easy to move around you can move them around until you have the perfect position.