Best 20 Outdoor Furniture Sets To Give Your Garden A Glow Up

So the warm weather has FINALLY arrived!

I feel like we’ve been waiting about 3 years for it to show up and now here it is, popping up out of nowhere as usual.  All of a sudden, I’m full of plans for family garden parties, delicious BBQ’s and water fights (I know, this is the UK so i’m getting ahead of myself!).

So I look up for the first time in forever and gaze over my garden. Hmm…….it’s not looking great, I’m going to be honest!  And the biggest thing that’s missing (and I’ve been longing for forever) is a beautiful outdoor dining set and if I’m feeling really greedy, then an equally beautiful outdoor sofa to match. I can just picture myself, morning coffee in hand, sun on my face (dog barking in the background but we’ll block that bit out, it’s a dream after all!).  Here are my top 20 outdoor furniture finds.  Thank me later.

1. The Ultimate Lounge Set

2. Balcony Bistro Set

3. The Eco Set

4. Cool, Calm & Collected

5. Industrial Style

6. Modern Classic Lounge Set

7. Matt Black Seating For Four

8. Timeless Relaxation

9. Classic Bench

10. Contemporary Bench

11. Rope Dining Set

12. Super Sleek Dining

13. Beautiful Acacia Dining For Six

14. Cool & Compact Dining

15. Streamline Set

16. Contemporary Cubism Dining Set

17. Dining in Comfort

18. Breakfast For Two


20. Antracite Aluminium

So what did you think?

This is a round up of my absolute favourite lounge and dining sets that I think would make any outdoor space look and feel fabulous. Whether you are looking for a child friendly, washable lounge set to collapse on in fits of giggles after a water fight in the garden. Or a sophisticated dining set for al-fresco cocktails and dinner parties – hopefully I have covered all eventualities.

Of course, you may have your outdoor furniture set up already and just need to ‘perk’ it up a little, in which case, check out our post on outdoor soft furnishings here.

I’m off! Jx